The Advisory Board or the Entities Related Network is an initiative that was born in Grupo Develop Foundation workteam from Spain, Europe and Latin America. It gives advice and institutional strengthening to non-profit organizations. As a proposal of some entities we understand that networking can position us as Quality Management benchmarks.

That is in fact another tool that Grupo Develop Foundation aims to provide to Social Organizations, Companies, Universities and Public Administration to consolidate and jointly look for sustainability.

The Advisory Council was created aiming a continuous improvement. Therefore, in addition to this external dimension, it has another internal dimensión through which its members share knowledge and experiences seeking mutual learning and growth. That will undoubtedly give an increasingly excellent service to organizations helping people to afford a better quality of life.



The Advisory Council’s Mission leverage is to the strengthen each of the Member Entities and its positioning to create a point of reference that may allow us to position ourselves as a group of entities with an excellent management tools in ALL intervention áreas.

The Advisory Council is focused on the sustainability of each of the Organization and for its members, and intends to be an excellent management referent in the political, social, academic and business world.

The Advisory Board assumes the following values to display its Mission and materialize its Vision:

  • The own Grupo Develop Foundation values:
  1. Sharing: We can all give something of what we have for others to live better.
  2. Joy: We look for the value of living life optimistically thanking for what we have despite the specific circumstances.
  3. Illusion: We work hoping that the projects we undertake will really help to achieve our goals.
  4. Respect: To the work of other people whether it is our project or not and to all people without regarding their social status, origin or politic and religious beliefs.
  5. Commitment: With the job well done, with people and with the given word.
  • The specific values of people and organizations within the Advisory Council are:
  1. Innovation
  2. Continuous Improvement
  3. Responsability
  4. Participation
  5. Liability
  6. Confindentiality

These values are defined in detail in the Grupo Develop Foundation Ethics Code, which is in the Annex I of this Regulation.