The “Recognition of Management and Social Commitment Seal” is a proposed standard for for social organizations levels, created in 2012 by the Grupo Develop Foundation together with the social organizations which have more experience in management (almost all with EFQM Excellence seals and / or ISO 9001: 2008) and the most prestigious organization bodies such as Bureau Veritas and the experts in the EFQM CLUB DE EXCELENCIA MANAGEMENT MODEL

Broadly speaking, the reasons that led us to define these standards, were the following:

  • It does not exist an easily understandable scheme made by social organizations that may be able to help them to improve and to evaluate the management level without asking to thirds for support or for help without having to spend large amounts of money.
  • Organizations do not know exactle what to do to improve.
  • There are many schemes available and there are doubts on what is the best one or why it is needed to choose one. Our system is only about continuous improvement and the specific steps to take. It is based on the project cycle. The natural social organizations management.
  • It involves raising a system that may include all. Grupo Develop Foundation intends to keep improving, each organization at its own pace and after that each entity have requested the certification that they need. Our scheme helps to achieve any of those currently available. It is compatible with all.
  • The evaluation costs of the current systems are very high, and due to this, many organizations choose not to request them even though they are doing well or very well. Our recognition is accessible to everyone. In most of the cases it has no cost.
  • It is posible to have awards that do not define the 200+ EFQM organization quality, or ISO 9000, but among these organizations some are managed better than others. The existing certificates do not exactly render on what the organzations are doing with a good management.

The Standards Scheme is organized around the Project Cycle and to 5 transverse axes, according to the following scheme:

Based on this scheme, the standards to be accomplish have been organized around 5 levels of demand, in a progression from the lower to the higher, resulting into different types of recognition ranging from 1 to 5 stars.

It is not only evaluated what is requied at each level but also:

  • The ability of the Entity to base logically and to maintain consistency with its actions according the formulated strategy and the ethical principles.
  • The ability to apply the requirements of each level to all the areas.
  • Programs definition methodologies.
  • The ability to establish indicators to assess the effectiveness and impact.
  • The ability to incorporate learning.

The progressive implementation of these standards ensures that organizations acquire excellent management levels. By fulfilling the standards, any Organization can easily access to an external EFQM recognition as each star is equivalent to the levels of demand for the different EFQM seals: 1 and 2 Stars equivalent to 200+ EFQM EFQM 300+ 3 Stars, 4 Stars to EFQM 400+ and 500+ EFQM 5 stars.