Legal Warning

        In compliance with of the Spanish Law 34/2002, of July 11th, for the E-Commerce and the Information Society Services, Section 10, it is provided the following information:GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION was established on May 19th, 2011 and provided with the following VAT number: G-86206893, headquartered in Canoa Street number 17, Postal Code: 28042, Madrid and duly registered in the State Foundations Register of Madrid on October 27th 2011 under the number: 28-1648. It is classified as a Foundation whose goals are for the general assistance and the social inclusion as well as the promotion of social action.In the website: there is a number of content information on the activity of the Foundation related to its activity, as well as to the products and services offered.GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION has a main mission that is to serve as a link between Social Organizations, Enterprises concerned to exercise their Social Responsibility and the world of the University and Research in order to share best practices, create new learning forms, to establish cooperation and not competition policies.

        According to the provisions of the Spanish Data Protection Law 15/1999, of December 13th (LOPD in its Spanish acronym), the user is hereby notified that all information provided will be incorporated in a file that is created and maintained under the responsibility of GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION.

        Therefore, GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION guarantees to respect at all times the confidentiality of the personal information that you have provided us. This information will only be used for managing purposes of the offered services, to respond to all the requests that you may pose to us, to perform administrative tasks as well as sending advertising, commercial or technical information either by post or electronically.

        Therefore, the GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION is committed to fulfil its obligation to keep the secrecy of the personal data given as well as its duty of take care, keeping all data properly stored and taking all the measures set out in the Law to prevent its alteration, loss or its unauthorized use or treatment.

        The information provided will not be transferred to third parties except for those cases in which it has to be done this way because it is established by Law or it is necessary for the proper provision of the hired services.

        If you wish, you may exercise at any time the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition before the File Responsible in the address that we provide: Canoa Street, 17 Low Floor Letter B, Postal Code number: 28042, Madrid or by writing an e-mail to the following e-mail address: You may also call the following phone number: 91811 99 72.

        GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION undertakes NOT TO SEND ANY COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS WITHOUT IDENTIFYING THEM AS SUCH, as it is established in the Spanish E-Commerce and Information Society Services Law 34/2002. It will not be considered as commercial communication the information that is sent to the portal user of GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION, provided that its main object is to maintain the existing contractual relationship between the person and the Foundation, as well as the performance of the information, training tasks and other activities of the services that can be hired with the Foundation. Similarly, the GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION is committed through this mean NOT TO MAKE MISLEADING ADVERTISING.

        It will not be considered as misleading advertising the formal or numeric errors that can be found throughout the content of the various sections of GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION website and produced as a result of an incomplete and/or faulty maintenance of the information contained in these sectiosn. GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION,as a result of what is provided in this paragraph will undertake proper measures to correct them as soon as it becomes aware of such errors.


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        Any type of notification and/or claim will only be valid by writing means and/or certified notification.

      4. LIABILITY

        GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATIONS is not liable for the contained information which is discharged and stored in forums, social networks or any other means that third parties may independently publish its contents on the website of the provider.

        However, as it is stated in Sections 11 and 16 of the Spanish Law 34/2002, of July 11th, for the E-Commerce and the Information Society Services, GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION is committed to the withdrawal or blockage in its case to the contents tha may affect or violate the National or the International Law, as well as the rights of third parties, the morals or the public order.

        The Foundation is not liable for the damages that may arise as a result of failures or misconfigurations of the software installed on the user’s computer. GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION excludes any liability for the technical problems or failure that may occur when the user gets connected to the Internet. It is neither guaranteed the inexistence of interruptions or errors in accessing the website when the user gets connected.

        On the other hand, GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION reserves the right to update, modify or delete information contained on its website, and its configuration or presentation, at any time without assuming any liability for it.


        GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION owns all rights on the software of the digital publication as well as the rights of intellectual property related to the content to be included, with the exception of the rights on products and services of a public nature that are not owned by this company.

        No material on this site may be reproduced, copied or published without the written consent of GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION.

        All information that is received through the web, such as comments, suggestions or ideas are considered assigned to GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION for free. Please, do not sand any information that CAN NOT be treated in this way.

        The companies named in the GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION network, are associates are trademarks recognized by the Foundation. All products and services in this site which do not belong to GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION are trademarks belonged to their respective owners and are therefore recognized as such by our foundation. There owners may request the modification or removal of the information belonging to them.


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        In any case the cookies are temporary for the sole purpose to make more efficient onwards transmission. Under no circumstances cookies can be used to collect personal information.

      7. CHANGES

        GRUPO DEVELOP FOUNDATION may change the present terms at any time, and if it is not intended to be frequent, it will publish on this web page the dates that the changes will take effect immediately. If because of legislative changes or court decision ceases to be applicable a part of these conditions, such clauses will be voided, but others will be perfectly valid and remain in force. If you continue using our website, it will suppose that you accept these conditions and agree to accept the changes made in them, forcing yourself to check this page frequently. If you do not accept these conditions, you should not continue visiting the GRUPO DEVELOP WEBSITE.


        These general conditions are governed by the Spanish Law. It will be competent the Courts of Madrid, regarding any dispute that may arise related to the website or the activity that it develops, expressly waiving the user any other jurisdiction that may correspond.