An Application that Facilitates Online Management of the Organizations.

  • It allows to centralize the strategic management plan, as well as the operating plan and its processes.
  • It is used by ALL professionals of the Organization. The Organization itself decides the permissions that it gives to each person to manage the process and its indicators and continually assess whether the process is achieving the intended results and / or reaches the expected quality level.
  • The Director or Manager knows at every moment the level of the indicators being measured in your organization.
  • The Director-knows at what point is the Organization regarding the achievement of operational and strategic objectives.
  • IT RECOMMENDS PROCESSES: strategic, operational and support processes, which will allow to be compared with other organization, on the chosen extent allowing them to be compared with other organizations that are involved in the application.
  • IT RECOMMENDS indicators for all processes. This is a big deal in social organizations, because they often do not know which indicators to choose.
  • IT SHOWS the evolution of the results and compares them with previous years.
  • ADMITS data only once. It cannot be introduced erroneous data or indicators that are not valid, because the application itself does not.allow it.
  • IT RECOMMENDS strategic axis that help may organizations todefine its Strategic Plan.
  • The use of COMPAR-T supports and guarantees to achieve Excellent (500+ EFQM, 4 or 5 stars FGD) management levels. It incorporates Benchmarking (COMPARISON “WITH OTHER ORGANIZATIONS”) and indicators comparison.
  • It allows the evaluation of the worker’s skills specifically designed to each Organization.
  • The Management works on goal-driven basis according to the Strategic Plan of Each Organization.
  • Strategic Management Plan. Axes, lines, targets and key indicators.
  • Operational Management Plan. Activities, responsible people, schedule, performance indicators.
  • Process management, indicators, quality standards, measurements…
  • Skills assessment 360º,180º and 90ºwithout neither evaluated or evaluators limit.
  • Management by Objectives and performance evaluation. Adequacy to people’s management to fulfill the strategic goals.

The application is very useful, especially for those organizations wishing to obtain a Seal Level for the Social Commitment Recognition and to the Grupo Develop Foundation Management, of more that Two-star or EFQM Award 200+, since it allows to make comparisions both for the management and the results that were obtained by other organizations. In broad terms it allows the following:

  • It compares indicators with other Organizations.
  • Real-time indicators, which are mean compared and with the best indicator.
  • More than 20 organizations are already using the application.
  • As organizations are joined, the application is supplied with more data, with more results of indicators, as well as new processes that are shared if the Participating organizations wishes it.
  • Good Practices Exchange is encouraged.
  • All data is linked.
  • Formula entries are not needed. The application automatically aligns the Strategic Plan, the Operating Plan and work processes.
  • Helps and suggests processes and indicators that have already been successfully tested in other organizations.
  • Process management is automatically permofmed.
  • From Grupo Develop Foundation, the indicators of the organizations that uses the system can be tracked. We can help and guide on process improvements if the expected standards are not accomplished.