In Grupo Develop Foundation, we teach courses on various issues such as management, psychology, or quality. A list of the courses given by our professional team is specified below.

  • Emotional Competencies I: The aim of the course is to develop emotional self-regulation skills of the professionals themselves and for the people they work with.
  • Emotional Competencies II. The course is focused in the development of emotional competencies development for the organizations to create a positive environment.
  • Competency Assessment. The course aims to define the professional competencies for each job post.
  • Evaluation of Social Organizations.

The main aim is to have a methodology allowing the evaluation, the identification of aspects to take into account, the analysis of processes and the measurement and improvement of the organization’s elements.

Besides, the course allows us to know in a practical and specific way which documents and methodologies an organization has to obtain a positive management for the evaluations and the project’s impact.

  • EFQM Accredited Assesor.

This course is aimed for people who intend to be qualified as EFQM 2013 Accredited Assessor and for those who want a more detailed knowledge of the EFQM Excellence Model and the logic of RADAR scoring matrix.

General Managers, Professionals of Social Organizations, Universities, Public Administrations or other wishing to:

    • To know in depth the EFQM Excellence Model and evaluation techniques and punctuation.
    • To be accredited as assessor personally Model.
    • To acquire the License to teach Open Market EFQM courses for unaccredited Assesors.
  • Basic EFQM Assessor.

With this training course you will be able to:

    • To acquire general knowledge on the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence.
    • To know the basic evaluation process of an organization by an external team, and documentation used and generated.
    • To analyze and know the contents of the EFQM Excellence Model 2013.
    • To know the REDER evaluation logic.
    • To develop skills to apply the EFQM Model and RADAR logic to evaluate the level of excellence of an organization, as part of an assessment team.
    • To train attendees for them to be prepared to undertake an evaluation exercise of a case, after this course which will be necessary as a preliminary exercise to the next level: EFQM Assessors – Accredited level.
  • Projects formulation. The main aim of the course is to have a methodology and tools to manage properly an organization’s programs and measure their effectiveness through indicators.
  • Indicators and Scorecard. The main objective is to have a methodology allowing the identification, analysis, measurement and improvement of the organization’s indicators. To be able to get the skills to classify and assess its impact on degree of compliance with the defined strategy.
  • Introduction to Energy and Environmental Management. It is intended for students to acquire the basic knowledge for them to interpret the energy costs associated with lighting, heating, hot water and air conditioning. In the same way, the student will receive training on types of facilities and basic maintenance and control actions for the energy saving and the environmental efficiency.
  • Introduction to Quality. To know the different systems of quality management and the requirements of subsidised bodies, regarding the “quality”. To evaluate individually the most appropiate system for each organization and to know the requirements, costs and actions to be carried out in every case
  • Mindfulness. The course is aimed for students to confront the challenges not only of the professional environment but for their personal life, for them to confront those challanges in a conscious, creative and innovative way.
  • New Funding Souces. The aim of the course is to provide the addresses of the same tools and methodologies for a fundraising plan in your organization.
  • Management Skills.
  • Ethics, Social Responsability and sustainability.